StreamLight Methodology

Since 2004, SAIF-OPTIMA clinic has been treating eye diseases for adults and children successfully. And for 20 years, the main postulate of our activity has been the fight for quality in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and not an increase in their number.

Every year, the clinic’s specialists introduce new technologies for the treatment of eye pathologies.

One of the latest methods of vision correction – StreamLight.

Today, the clinic has extensive experience in performing this method of vision correction.

What is StreamLight?

StreamLight — this is a unique non-contact laser vision correction, which is carried out in one stage “one step”, without the use of any surgical instruments.

How is StreamLight conducted?

The patient’s eyes are anesthetized with drops, after which the laser system performs the operation in automatic mode.

This method of vision correction eliminates the human factor completely. The surgery time is shortened: the procedure lasts only 20 seconds. And rehabilitation after surgery is faster.

Advantages of the method:

This method allows solving a wide range of problems:

  • Contactless procedure – no interventions with medical instruments
  • It is carried out in one step: there is no need for additional surgical actions
  • Suitable for people with thin corneas
  • Completely eliminates the human factor
  • Healing after surgery is faster
  • Absence of mechanical impact on the cornea provides better visual acuity and quality

How is StreamLight performed?

In our clinic, the StreamLight procedure is performed on the latest Wave Light EX500 laser from Alcon, the world leader in ophthalmology. It is one of the world’s fastest latest-generation lasers.

Thus, laser vision correction has become not only safe and well-predicted, but also completely non-contact. During the operation, any manipulation of the eye with an instrument is excluded. All stages of vision correction are carried out with a laser directly.

The choice is yours!

Should you save on your health?

Think about it… isn’t it better to get a new, high-quality vision than to get a new smartphone?

Choose for yourself the latest generation technologies that modern ophthalmology currently has at its disposal.

And the professionals of the SAIF-OPTIMA eye clinic will always help you with this!

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