Laser vision correction

What is laser correction?

Laser vision correction is a procedure that can restore your good eyesight in 10 minutes. It is absolutely painless and safe, as thousands of our patients have already seen.

In this type of operation, the cold laser beam point-by-point evaporates the thinnest layer of the cornea, thereby changing its curvature.

This allows changing the refraction of light in the eye, focusing it directly on the retina and getting a clear image of objects at various distances.

What types of laser correction are available?

In our clinic, you will definitely be able to choose the most suitable type of laser correction for you.

The main advantage of our methods is a non–contact approach and using a laser rather than a surgical knife.

Laser vision correction allows to:

  • Correct myopia up to -12D
  • Correct astigmatism up to -6D
  • Improve vision with hyperopia up to +6D
  • Strengthen the cornea (with keratoconus using crosslinking).

Contraindications to laser correction:


  • High degree amblyopia
  • Optic nerve atrophy
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Progressive keratoconus
  • Retinal detachment
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Systemic connective tissue diseases
  • The only seeing eye


  • Infectious and inflammatory eye diseases
  • Progressive myopia (laser correction is performed after stabilization)
  • Dystrophic changes of the retina
  • Pregnancy and lactation

Advantages of laser vision correction in the SAIF-OPTIMA clinic

High-quality diagnostics

Our patients undergo a complete and high-quality examination using the most modern equipment. We have unique devices for this:

  • OCT of the anterior segment using the CASIA2 tomograph (Tomey, Japan) to determine the cornea parameters.
  • The iTrace equipment with Ray tracing function, which has no analogues in the CIS countries, plays the role of 5 important devices in ophthalmology: an aberrometer, an autorefractometer, a keratometer, a pupillometer and a corneal topographer.
  • The Topolyzer Vario WAVELIGHT keratotopograph ensures the accuracy in examination of patients with a high level of corneal irregularity and complex types of refractive errors and allows for such a type of laser correction as Contoura Vision.

Ultra-precise surgery

The clinic has equipped the laser operating room with a unique complex of ophthalmological equipment for even more advanced and maximum safe surgery:

The unique femtosecond laser Ziemer Femto Z8 Neo (Switzerland) operates at a low energy level with very short pulses and high frequency. In this process, there is significantly less damage to the eye tissues than when using high-energy lasers.

The WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser is the fastest excimer laser in the world today. High efficiency is provided by the WaveLight® algorithm and a faster laser head, which makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and ensures optimal results.

Experienced specialists

Saliev Ikbol Fazilovich is a candidate of medical sciences, a doctor of the highest category, a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), who first introduced the Femtolastic method in Uzbekistan and successfully operated on more than 10 thousand patients.

Mukhamedova Nazokat Ismailovna is a doctor of the highest category, a member of the Turkish Society of Ophthalmologists, who has been successfully performing laser correction for 5 years and has several thousand satisfied patients on her account.

The choice is yours!

Should you save on your health?

Think about it… isn’t it better to get a new, high-quality vision than to get a new smartphone?

Choose for yourself the latest generation technologies that modern ophthalmology currently has at its disposal.

And the professionals of the SAIF-OPTIMA eye clinic will always help you with this!

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