Feruza Akhmadeeva

I am very satisfied with the services at the SAIF OPTIMA clinic. The staff behaves extremely professionally, friendly and with an approach to each client. The doctors of this clinic are also great professionals. Their approach is individual, with great attention and professionalism, you feel in safe hands. I am very grateful to the attending physician Bekirova Seyara Irfanovna, nurse Navbakhor, and Dr. Mukhamedova Nazokat Ismailovna, who performed cataract surgery on my 81-year-old mother. The left eye has not seen for several years, it only reacted to light. Now my mother’s eyesight has been restored. Thank you so much for your hard work. I recommend this clinic to everyone.

Ksenia Sauchuk

I thank the amazing doctor, Azizbek Bahodirovich, for his professionalism, for his sensitive attitude to patients, for making my mother’s (Sadrieeva R.) life sighted for many years. Thanks to this doctor, life is filled with colors and the ability to see in general. The best doctor, I recommend it to everyone! Thank you very much for your hard work!

Taty Tin

Hello dear staff of this wonderful clinic! I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for your kind attitude towards patients! For the first time in my life , I had no worries . I have only good impressions of you! Thank you so much for your hard work! For the attitude towards patients! May Allah grant you all health and long life! Thanks to the doctors and all the staff from my son Tin. A. S. And from the whole family! Sincerely, Tin’s mom. А .С

Akmal Hamidullayevich

Many thanks to the clinic staff, the service, the medical equipment at a professional level, there are no questions about treatment, I personally recommend it!

Rakiya Rakiya

I applied to this clinic last year…doctor Aziz Bahadirovich, I am infinitely grateful to this doctor for a healthy eye., Fazilat is very grateful to you, too, you always help me in turn…

Bilol Atahanov

I came from Kazakhstan… I am very pleased with this clinic, Femtolastic has completed the operation… The girls at the reception desk helped a lot with choosing a doctor, thanks to the beauties….

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