What is ophthalmoplasty?

Ophthalmoplasty is a complex of cosmetic and plastic surgery of the eye area. Today, it is difficult to separate these two concepts from each other, since they complement each other in many ways.

Since the eyes are a special human organ that requires a lot of attention, it is better to perform such operations in a specialized eye clinic. The doctors in it have knowledge available only to narrow specialists.

What kind of operations are carried out?

Ophthalmological operations are performed in our clinic, which solve a wide range of problems. All these operations can be combined into 5 large types:

  • Anophthalmic surgery and surgical plastic surgery in order to prepare for eye prosthetics
  • Aesthetic blepharoplasty
  • Operations to eliminate incomplete eye closure
  • Surgery for inversions and inversions of the eyelids of various origins
  • Operations to eliminate the consequences of various injuries

A unique specialist

Khojaev Dilshodhuja Khamidullaevich is a reconstructive plastic surgeon, Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Society of Ophthalmoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

He completed an internship at the clinic of the All-Russian Center for Eye and Plastic Surgery ALLOPLANT (Ufa, Russia) under the guidance of Professor A.Y.Salikhov. In 2006, he defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences on the topic of Improving surgical methods for the treatment of eyelid inversions.

To date, the clinic has established the implementation of endonasal methods of surgical treatment of dacryocystitis. He actively cooperates with specialists of the Yekaterinburg Center for Eye Microsurgery, Doctors V. A. Obodov and M. I. Shlyakhtov, who are recognized specialists in the field of surgery of the accessory apparatus of the organ of vision.

Dr. Khodjaev is the author of more than 30 scientific publications, 3 patents and a methodological recommendation. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation.

More than 25 years of work experience.

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