Cataract treatment

Since 2004 SAIF-OPTIMA Clinic has been successfully treating cataracts with the help of a globally recognized method of surgical treatment – phacoemulsification of cataracts for adults and children. And for 20 years the main postulate of our activity has been the struggle for quality in diagnostics and treatment of patients, not in increasing their number.

Today the clinic offers its patients not only traditional ultrasound phacoemulsification, but also the newest technology of the 21st century – Femtolaser cataract surgery with FEMTO Z8 NEO (Ziemer, Switzerland).

Femtolaser Cataract Surgery

Femtolaser support allows you to perform routine and complex stages of cataract surgery with high accuracy and safety.

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And what is a cataract?

Cataract is a disease in which partial or complete clouding of the lens of the eye occurs.

The main task of the lens is to refract rays and then project them onto the retina. Its turbidity is caused by a violation of the refraction of rays, which reduces visual acuity or blindness occurs.

Cataract symptoms:

  • Decreased visual acuity, up to complete loss
  • A light white veil and dark spots in front of the eyes
  • Image distortion
  • Multiple object vision
  • Hypersensitivity to bright light, especially to the bright sun or when driving a car at night
  • The appearance or increase of myopia, which requires frequent change of glasses

When do I need to have surgery?

The sooner the better!

Firstly, in the later stages of cataract, it is more difficult to choose an artificial lens, which is extremely important for good vision after surgery.

Secondly, it is safer to perform surgery in the early stages. In the later stages, other diseases may join the cataract, which will complicate treatment.

Thirdly, a timely operation will allow you to lead a full-fledged lifestyle and see the world in a new way.

Stages of treatment

Stage 1

Comprehensive diagnostics

2-3 hours

Stage 2


15 minutes

Stage 3

Postoperative examination

30 minutes

How does the operation work?

  • During phacoemulsification, a 2.0 – 2.2 mm incision is made on the cornea, an ultrasonic tip is inserted, which crushes the clouded lens with ultrasound, and the emulsified lens is simultaneously removed from the eye.
  • После этого интраокулярная линза (ИОЛ) вводится в глаз без расширения разреза. Inside the eye, this artificial lens is fixed in a capsule bag.
  • The operation does not require suturing.

What types of IOLs do we use?

Our clinic uses in its treatment various types of IOLs from two of the largest and most trusted manufacturers – ZEISS and Medicontur.


A multifocal lens with optimized aspherical optics, providing contrast sensitivity, depth of field and sharper vision.


It is intended for the treatment of cataracts with simultaneous correction of astigmatism and improved vision in the distance and near. It allows you to correct astigmatism with great accuracy and provide the patient with the maximum possible visual acuity.


The first trifocal intraocular lens designed to improve the real quality of vision at a medium distance. It provides high contrast sensitivity, which improves the patient’s vision in the dark.

Liberty677MY от Medicontur

It is designed to restore vision at close, medium and long range. The special rectangular design of the edge along a 360° circumference is the prevention of clouding of the posterior capsule of the lens.

The benefits of cataract treatment at the SAIF-OPTIMA Eye Clinic

Modern diagnostics

Our patients undergo a complete and high-quality examination using the most modern equipment. We have unique devices for this purpose:

  • The IOL Master 700 of the famous Carl Zeiss company, which allows you to automatically determine its optical parameters without touching the eye.
  • OCT of the anterior segment on the CASIA2 tomograph (Tomey, Japan) to determine the parameters of the cornea, lens and angle of the anterior chamber.
  • The EM-4000 Tomey endothelial microscope for counting endothelial cells that ensure corneal transparency, their condition is very important to assess before planning surgery.

Ultra-precise surgery

The clinic has equipped the operating room with a unique set of ophthalmic equipment for even more advanced and maximally safe cataract surgery. This complex includes:

The unique state-of-the-art ZEISS CALLISTO eye equipment includes the latest intraoperative navigation and control system for the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 microscope as a whole.

The excellent ZEISS optics and the integrated IDIS system allow you to use the latest technologies and ensure accurate centering of toric, multifocal intraocular lenses.

The surgical system of the new generation CENTURION Vision System.

Experienced specialists

The operations are carried out by the best specialists:

Saliev Ikbol Fozilovich is a candidate of medical sciences, a doctor of the highest category, a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), who first introduced the phacoemulsification method in Uzbekistan and successfully operated on more than 20 thousand patients.

Mukhamedova Nazokat Ismailovna is a doctor of the highest category, a member of the Turkish Society of Ophthalmologists, who has been successfully operating for 8 years and has several thousand satisfied patients on her account.

The quality of the materials used

We use only high-quality intraocular lenses from leading manufacturers (aspherical, toric, trifocal, trifocal toric, lenses with increased depth of focus EDOF) to replace the removed clouded lens. This ensures the best visual acuity and the highest quality of life after surgery. Such lenses do not require replacement over time and do not have an expiration date.

The choice is yours!

Should you save on your health?

Think about it… isn’t it better to get a new, high-quality vision than to get a new smartphone?

Choose for yourself the latest generation technologies that modern ophthalmology currently has at its disposal.

And the professionals of the SAIF-OPTIMA eye clinic will always help you with this!

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