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The SAIF-OPTIMA Eye Clinic was founded in 2004 in Tashkent with a branch in Andijan. The clinic offers a wide range of ophthalmological services at a qualitatively new level, in compliance with international standards and the use of the latest technologies and techniques.


The head and leading ophthalmic surgeon of the clinic, Saliev Ikbol Fazilovich, is a member of the European and American Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, as well as the Society of Ophthalmologists of Turkic–speaking Countries.

In 2004, Saliev I.Fezialov. For the first time in Uzbekistan, he introduced the internationally recognized method of surgical treatment of cataracts – phacoemulsification in the SAIF–OPTIMA clinic. Today, the clinic performs not only traditional ultrasound phacoemulsification, but also femtolaser-assisted operations on FEMTO LDV Z8 NEO from Ziemer (Switzerland).

In 2010, we introduced the corneal collagen crosslinking method for the treatment of keratoconus for the first time. Since 2021, we have been using a new generation XL Platinum 330 PESCHKE device (Switzerland).

Since 2012, our specialists have been the first to use phakic IOLs for the correction of high-grade myopia, as well as premium multifocal IOLs in cataract surgery.

One of our achievements is the application of the new FEMTO LASIK method, which was first used in Uzbekistan in 2015. Along with this, since 2023, we have introduced a completely new and unique technique – CLEAR as the safest, most predictable and perfect. FEMTO LASIK and CLEAR are the only 100% methods of laser vision correction.

Another advantage of the clinic is microinvasive glaucoma surgery, as well as the availability of unique equipment that allows you to diagnose and treat this disease at the earliest stages.

Today, the main core of the eye clinic is young professionals who are ready to master advanced technologies and methods of diagnosis and treatment. Our employees regularly undergo internships and participate in international congresses in Europe, the USA, India and other countries. In our activities, we adhere to international quality standards and the foundations of evidence–based medicine, where the main principle is the use of reliable digital indicators and the elimination of errors, and the main criterion is the final result.
To do this, we have the necessary equipment from the world’s best manufacturers. In addition, the bulk of the clinic’s income is spent on expanding the scientific and technical base and improving the skills of medical staff.

The main tenet of our activity is the struggle for quality in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and not in increasing their number.


50+thousands of happy patients

45+types of surgical treatment

25+years of successful

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32, Alimkent 1-tor st., Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Address in Andijan:

73, Chuama st., Andijan, Uzbekistan